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(2016 - 2021)
maker educator & program manager

Working in a Hong Kong-based makerspace to design impact making curriculum for local schools and youth centers. Here, I also engaged in social design projects employing design thinking to tackle social and environmental issues.

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DIY BIO Hong Kong

(2016 - present) 

Co-founder and director

I co-founded a non-profit community lab that opens to the public to do biology-related projects. We also organised public biology talks and run biotechnology workshops for the general public to promote the democratization of biotechnology.

Coding 101

(2015 Dec - Jan) 
Part-time tutor

Coding 101 is a STEAM education provider. As a part-time tutor, I am responsible to teaching Metas kit and Scratch in various partner schools. I enjoyed design lessons that allow students to fully ultilise their creativity. 

Young Makers & ChangeMakers

(2015 Nov - Dec)
Student intern

During the time when I was in YMCM, I runs young makers workshops such as hour of code, MaKey MaKey music projects and  TinkerCAD 3D design software. I also helped develop the curriculum in YMCM. Besides, I worked on graphic design marketing for the workshops and helped hosting booth in HK Maker Faire and MaD Free Market.


Hands Life Science

(2015 Nov - Jan)
Co-founder & technical manager

After getting a Gold medal in iGEM 2014, I and four of my teammates continue to bring the project to the next level and co-found a biotech startup - Hands Life Science. In the team, I was responsible to the technical side, focuing on doing wet lab. Our team participated in various startup competitions. I left the team in Dec 2015 and started pursuit my career on STEAM education.


CityU Apps Lab

(2015 July - Nov)
Workshop tutor

I was responsible for helping teach kids, adults and even elderly in coding workshops. The workshops I have teached are Code Avengers (Python and Javascript), Hour of Code, App Inventors 2.0 and scratch. I also attended the junior programmer training. I built a running android app within 5 weeks with two teammates. These experience allows me to teach myself html, css, javascript, python as well as java.


CityU 2015 iGEM Team

(2015 Jun - Oct)
Student tutor

Throughout the summer holiday, I stayed in the biology lab to help the CityU 2015 iGEM Team to run the synthetic biology experiment. I shared my experience in iGEM 2014 and build the 2015 iGEM team wiki page for the team. This role allows me to consolidfy my knowledge on synthetic and molecular biology. I was so glad to be part of the innovative and energetic team. 


City University of Hong Kong

2014 - 2016

Bachelor’s of Science (Honours) in Applied Biology 

Second Upper-Class Honours; GPS: 3.26

In my undergraduate study, I focused on molecular biology and genetics, but I also studied ecology, biochemistry, animal and plant physiology. Here I developed system thinking and professional scientific research practices.

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, USA

2015 Jan - Jun

Exchange Student

Total GPA: 3.3

During the 5 months exchange experience, I took courses in human sexual biology, Biological inquiry, molecular Biology, and US Culture.

iGEM Competition


Wet lab team & wiki designer

In this 6 months international synthetic biology competition, I worked with a team of biologists and bioengineering students to engineering an E.coli that converts excess body fat to a beneficial fatty acid.

Summer Research Scholarship Scheme

2013- 2014

Student Prize for Best Oral Presentation

I received a scholarship to committed a summer to further work on the synthetic biology research project, which requires genetically engineer E.coli to convert adverse fat into beneficial fatty acid. In this research, I focus on characterizing the modified biological system and represented the results in an oral presentation.

Hong Kong Community College

2012 - 2013

Associate Degree in Science

St. Rose of Lima’s College

2005 - 2012

Highschool - Science Stream

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