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Hi! I'm Maria.

I am a London-based biodesigner, maker and educator. Currently, I am the co-founder and Director of DIY BIO Hong Kong, a non-profit community lab focused on bringing Biology to the community. Upon I received my Bachelor’s degree of Science in Applied Biology from the City University of Hong Kong, I realised there were so many possibilities in the field of Biology and I didn’t want to stop my research, hence I decided to start the first DIY BIO Lab in Hong Kong wherein I could continue my research on molecular biology and build a community of biology lovers who get together beyond their realm of work and do experiments. 

In parallel, I started working as an educator in MakerBay in which I developed a maker education curriculum for piloting Maker Education in local primary schools, revitalised six youth centres through provided training to social workers and youths, and co-create with them on social innovative projects. I also curate activities to engage a creative community at MakerBay to work on innovative projects for sustainable futures. 

I'm passionate about experimenting with ways to empower the community with creative confidence to maximize a positive social and environmental impact.  Currently, I focus to further pursue my dream of integrating biology into material researches to create a sustainable harmony with nature and empowering the community with such knowledge.

​In a nutshell, Maria

  • Leads and designs youth maker education programs #Education #Maker 

  • Founded and directs DIY BIO Hong Kong, a local biohacking group  #Biology #CitizenScience #OpenScience

  • Gained a gold medal in the iGEM competition #syntheicbiology

More information about Maria in CV section.

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