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Unique Morphologies

Redesigned a watch box for Audemars Piguet watch boxes in a circular economy. 

Unique Morphologies is an evolution of the watch box that creates unique shapes depending on the box’s perspective, making the ecrin more than an object for storage. The design aims to make the box can be easily assembled for international transportation. Inspired by origami and how insects fold their wings, we incorporate the flat-packed concept and origami folding into our design. The new redesign is significant for reducing carbon emissions since most of it comes from logistics. By reducing the volume of space and the weight of the materials, it lowers the production cost and the amount of energy needed to transport the products. On the inside of our main box, we included the travel pouch, a smaller version of the box; it also serves as the holder to present the watch in the box.

Project Team

Simone Lawler (Material research), Maria Li  (Design development & prototype) , Luis Martínez (3D model & render), Gracia M. Morales (Narrative & Graphics)


Jan - Mar 2022


London, United Kingdom

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