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Touch Tung O!

Sustainable Lantau Research:Tung O Ancient Trail

The project aims to facilitate the Sustainable Lantau Office’s (“SLO”) understanding of the sentiment of the key stakeholders on the revitalisation of Tung O Ancient Trail (“TOAT”) and the nearby villages through deploying Design Thinking (“DT”) approach, to rebuild an identity of the site and revitalizing the area. A number of engagement activities are planned as key components of the DT approach. This document outlines the major engagement activities and related details of the project.

The model layouts how different design thinking methods and tools will function to drive human-centric innovations to come up with revitalisation strategies in this project. The stages are put into a 2x2 matrix that guides us through 4 quadrants (Research, Analysis, Synthesis and Realisation), following the logic that we start with an intent to innovate, gain an understanding of our real world, conceptualise our findings into insights, then synthesis them into innovative concepts and solutions. For this project, we will end with the set of design principles, whereas realised offerings will be developed in the future when different vendors realise solutions based on our principles and recommendations.​

My role in this project is to employ design thinking to design and carry out engagement activities as one of the main facilitators and researchers.

Project Team

Hong Kong Design Center, Land+Civilization Composition, MakerBay


2020 - 2021


Hong Kong

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