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Learning By Doing Academy

Learning By Doing Academy (LBD) is an innovative education program funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club. In this 3 years program,  it includes teachers training and curriculum design. Both teachers and students experience a new way of teaching and learning, in which students to go out of classroom to experience, practice empathy and then came up with ideas of what projects they would love to do. Students not only learn about maker skills (such as woodwork, sewing, 3D printing etc.), but also project management, collaboration, communication skills and gain creative confidence.


Being a Maker teaching partner in this project, I co-teach maker classes with school teachers, deliver technical training for teachers, and co-design Maker education curriculum to integrate into the existing school curriculum.

Project Team

MakerBay, Ediversity, The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad No. 2 Primary School


2016 - 2019


Hong Kong

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