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EdLab - a Hands-on Educational project

    Period: Feb - Apr 2016    

What is the project about?

EdLab is an educational community set up by Maria in order to promote self-discovery learning among kids. She had organised 3 learn-by-doing workshops for a total of 100 four to ten years old kids. The workshops are #1 Strawbees Architects, #2 Tree Treasure Hunt and Leaves Art Jamming, #3 Makey Makey Music Workshop.

You can find out more in EdLab facebook page: 

What inspired her to do this?

" It is from her own experience. As a local student in Hong Kong, she found the overload and tedious schoolwork keep her away from thinking what she really wants to learn and do. Thus, she  wants to do something for our next generation. She believes that  setting our kids free and let them try anything with minimal guidance can let kids eventually discover their own self, learn and be creative.  "


Leading an ice-breaking activity in the group


Strawbees dome built in workshop 1


Touring around the campus to introduce the biology of a Chinese Banyan. And ways to identify trees.


Asking question to let kids think about how to connect the circuit to make bananas sing


Children working on their own leave art piece using the leaves collected during the tree hunt session.


Showcase of the leaves art

fb-ws promo

Poster designed by Maria for promoting the workshops

Workshop 1: Strawbees Architects

Kids in groups using strawbees to learn geometry and construct a dome. 

Workshop 2: Tree Hunt & Leaves Art Jamming

A treasure hunt for tree. Childrens have to identify the trees in the school garden and collect their leaves for the art jamming session. At the end, some of them were invited to present their own piece of work to others.

Workshop 3: Makey Makey fruit music

Using fruit to play music with Makey Makey. Also testing on other materials such as aluminium foil, lego and leaves.

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