Period: Mar 2016 - present   

Since I participated in the iGEM, I appreciate the philosophy of open science. I think scientific research, data and dissemination should be accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional. I believe allowing more people to bring their own skillsets to research can bring up more innovations and accelerate the whole research process. Thus I would like to pursue my career in educating community about open science and biology. 

It combines my passion of doing science and education.

Up till now, I still cannot believe I am taking incharge of building up a community lab. I have long been wished to set up a company that provides science education and a space for community people to do science research. Suprisingly, I got chance to meet Gert, a like-minded and passionate Biologist who also want to set up a community lab in Hong Kong. DIYBIO HK thus provides a very good platform for me to do biotech research outside university as well as fulfill my passion in educating kids about science and empowering them with sciencific knowledge to make improvement for our society.

I live to inspire and empower people to bring their ideas to actions.

© 2020 by Maria Li

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