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Stand With Our Dream

a micro movie about the struggle to strive for our dreams.​


In 2019, dream seems to be a long reach goal for many Hong Kongers. This project is a reminder for Hong Kong people about the importance of freedom and justice. The project also aims to cheer up Hong Kong people. The movie set scene in 2047, in which the main character, Cherry,  thrives to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. However, the shrinking freedom of speech make Cherry's goal becomes harder and harder to achieve. Though Cherry was not very keen on politics, she realised the unjust society is killing her dream. Thus, she decided to stand with other hong kong people to protect their freedom, and their dreams. This project is a reminder to me and my friend to stay strong to stand for our dreams. 


This project is initiated as a piece for a micro movie competition. This is the first movie that I directed after I completed a micro movie courses offered from a local community centre. The theme of the competition, "Dream",  is appealing to me as I always want to document passionate and inspiring youth stories for my friends and my generation. 

  Jul 2019  

Team: Maria Li Lok Yee, Ada Kwok

What is Your Dream?

Before I start writing the story, I did research on what does dream means to people from different walk of lives. Some dreams are personal, some are collective.

The project takes inspiration from Mr. children (Japanese band) Kurumi MV and Man on the Dragon (Hong Kong movie).

Ideation & development

Originally, I planned to tell the story of my friend, who walked through an inspirational transformation journey of transforming from a prisoner to an outdoor bodycraft trainer. It was a great story. I did interview with him and started writing the script. But then, Hong Kong has an outbreak of the extradition law protest. I was like being sucked into the emotional vortex. Suddenly many Hong Kongers loss their hopes and dreams. The incident makes me rethink the meaning of dream. At that moment, my internal voice urged me to do something for my home town. So I decided to change the subject of of movie from a single hero to a collective hero.


Storyboard of 5 min micro movie.


Click the image to view the description

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