City Run Lite

   Period: Jun - July 2015   

City Run Lite is an Android running app. It is a 4 weeks project did in the summer junior programmer training organised by CityU Apps Lab. In the training, each team of 3 or 4 have to build an app and showcase it in the final presentation. In team of 3, we designed a running app for CityU students because we want to encourage our university students to do more exercise. Our app can record the speed, distance travelled, time and calories burnt for each run. It can also show the route of your run and store the record for you. This is only the prototype at the moment, we also wish to add social network element in the app  

What inspired me to do this?

" I started interested in coding after writing the website for iGEM team. Since then I tried to teach myself other programming languages such as javascript and python. But only following the mini course tasks and instructions in the online course doesn't satisfy me. I want to designa and build my own app. Meanwhile, I found CityU Apps Lab were recruiting students to join the summer junior programmer training. I know this is a very good chance for me to meet more poeple who are interested in learning coding and may be more experienced. So I wrote to the program leader to explain why I want to join and convinced her to give me a chance. Finally, I got there. "

Screenshot of the app. GPS track your realtime location and show the route on map.

A BMI calculator is embedded.

Showcase Day

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