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Parcours Feau'lies - NumerO: Canal Cleaning Frisbee

A canal cleaning game designed to educate the citizen in Paris to build a more close relationship with the canal in a playful way.

The project is initiated during the time I joined a week-long hackathon in Paris. We found that most people who live in Paris think the river is not clean and it's just mainly for transportation. We think our river has much more meaning to us. So we came up with the idea of "Parcours Feau'lies" (Water Playground) in which people start to build a more close relationship with their river through play. To build something to start the conversation with the public, we decided to build a prototype addressing the problem of "Collect solid waste from the canal in a playful way".

Project Team

MariaLysiane Lagadic, Elodie Coquillat, Auriane Dumesnil, Djibril




Paris, France

Throughout the week, we prototyped one of the water playground games - a canal-cleaning frisbee accompanied by a mobile app mockup to let players input their results (i.e. how many and the type of trash they collected) to an open-source database and display on an online Map. Citizens can check the water quality such as pH, NO3 concentration, and turbidity of the canal in this map, which is added by other game players. The app also shows educational information about environmental issues related to water after the player completes the game.

Screenshots of mobile app.


At the end, we brought our canal cleaning frisbee game station to exhibit along the Saint-Martin Canal. We invited passer-by to play the game and we collected feedback from them.

Here are some of our observations:

  • kids love the game, 1 boy plays for ~1 hour and still get engaged

  • But one possible problem is the kids not necessary has smartphone and scan the QR code to put data in the map

  • We found that when we play the frisbee, people will come to watch and want to try playing, but when we stand away from the playstation without demo, people will come to have a look and walk away. It is possible that our playstation design does not give enough hint to people that they can actually play with it.

  • One couple came by and said "- Is this installation permanent? It is meaningful!" after listening to our short presentation and play with it

More detailed documentation of the project can be found here.

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