Project Team

Maria Li,  Jessica Evans, Nicole Hakim, Liv Tsim, Oladeji Awe, Yilin Han




London, United Kingdom

A regenerative biological machine that redefines remote plant communication and the symbiosis relationship with humans.

Conveco is a speculative project that aims to translate inspirations from nature into designing an artificial biological machine. In Conveco, we co-work with plants to create a new way of communication that supports the collection and translation of intelligence between plant species, improving each plant's capacity to thrive within its ecosystem.

The Bioskin is a special kind of biosensor. It monitors bioelectricity more timely and accurately through direct contact with the leaf surface of plants, and uses bioelectric pulses to perceive the health of plants, communicate plant information, and obtain various dynamic indicators of the environment. The console functions as an electrical signal transmitter and amplifier. It receives electrical signals from the bioskin, amplifies it and sends it to the server via satellite. It allows long-distance communication between plants.

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With Conveco, we envision developing internet of plants and building a community of plants and humans to collaborate in tackling planetary problems such as soil pollution and climate change. In a way, Conveco redefines the symbiosis relationship between humans and plants.


“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir


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