Empathy VR Game

   Period: 13- ? Aug 2020   

  1. Briefly explain your project idea in a few sentences.

  2. What kind of people is your project aimed at?

  3. Why is your project well suited to VR?

  4. How will your project create the three illusions of presence:

    • Place Illusion

    • Plausibility illusion

    • embodiment illusion

    • (or you may decide that one is not necessary)

  5. What hardware platform(s) will your project be developed for?

  6. What kind of graphical style will your game have?

  7. What interaction techniques will you use in your game?

  8. Will there be social interaction or characters in the project?

  9. How will you avoid nausea and other forms of discomfort?

Week 1

- draw a mind map of my game idea
- pitch my idea to 5 people