DIY PCR Machine

   Period: Jun 2016 - present   

The DIY PCR Machine is an open lab ware. Simply put it is a economical DNA photocopy machine. Nowadays, the commercial pcr machine are very expansive, costing thoudsand US dollars,  I do this project because I want to make this essential biotech tool available to the community. This is the first pcr machine I build for the DIYBIO HK community lab. 

Design Process

1. Doing research on the open-source pcr that can be found on instructable. And study its architecture.

2. After learning from the open pcr, I designed the lid for my DIY PCR Machine.

3. Get the materials

4. Drilling wells and assemble the circuit.

With the help of member in DIYBIO HK who taught me how to use the CNC milling, and getting help from electronic engineering expert in MakerBay, the first prototype of the pcr machine finally works. Yet the heat up process is very slow, so it leads to the design of the second prototype.

What's Next?
  • Design the second prototype with reference to open pcr and ninja pcr.

  • Using a Peltier instead of 3d printer heater to heat up and coolen the aluminium well

  • Adding a heater lid to avoid condensation during the thermocycling process. As condensation may alter the concentration of the reaction mixture which could greatly affect the quality of pcr products.